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For Home Owners & Investors

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For Home Owners & Investors

Protecting the property and maximizing the revenue potential are an integral part of property management, at Diamond Doors we achieve this for our owners / investors using several proven methods.

For Home Owners

There are many reasons for owners to rent out their homes, many include some type of life change. Diamond Doors has experience in supporting owners through the decisions and processes for you and your situation. Addressing the options that are available and the processes and steps to achieve these in the simplest and smoothest way.

For Investors and or Commercial business owners

For properties that are part of a portfolio or commercial enterprise, Diamond Doors can provide a range of tailored services to meet your needs. In addition to our normal services listed below we can provide more commercial management services, including gardening, janitorial, window/parkade cleaning and security services to name a few.
We can also provide a discount to investors with properties in the same building or area. We understand the need to be accountable, and the different types or reporting and payment options required for investors with joint venture partners or other business structures.

Tenant Management

An essential part of successful property management comes from a knowledge of managing tenants. The qualifying of tenants prior to approval, the use of a robust rental agreement and communication of its requirements to tenants in advance of placement, and managing good tenant relationships once they are placed in the property. These methods are some of the factors used in setting up the relationship, by outlining the requirements the tenant is expected to adhere to and addressing any issues and concerns promptly and effective as they arise to minimize problems.
A very small percentage of tenants become problematic for one reason or another. Diamond Doors has the knowledge and experience in managing situations to minimize problems, understanding the difference in applying the residential tenancy laws and how to manage situations for a quicker and more effective and often lower cost result.

Communication and Accounting

Clear and regular communication regarding the property, tenant and accounting are built into the operations and service at Diamond Doors. We understand the need for owners to be informed at each part of the marketing and rental processes, and to have the information needed on payments, statements and reports, especially those required for insurance or tax purposes. Diamond Doors has developed robust systemized processes, procedures and training that incorporate the communication and accounting into the daily activities.

Maintenance and Tradespeople

Diamond Doors are conscious of the cost of maintenance and upgrades to the owners / investors bottom line, but when the decision has been made to go ahead and the owner chooses to use our trades people then we use certified, skilled, reputable and bonded trades people who can manage both the large and the small jobs as required.

Maintenance for properties we manage monthly

Diamond Doors will coordinate the access and communication and manage keys and access, between the trades and tenants, while providing regular feedback to owners for properties we manage monthly. This is included in the price of the monthly management unless it is a refurbishment or large renovation project.
On the rare occasions there is a need for immediate call out we use a 24/7 call out that operates across the lower mainland, if this is not already managed by the strata if applicable.

Maintenance for Tenant only placement

For properties we do not manage monthly but in a property where we have placed a tenant, and where the owner uses their own trades people we can provide provide the communication to the tenants for a fee.

Our Expertise and knowledge

As a licensed brokerage with qualified property mangers and over 9 years of experience in the property management industry we have detailed knowledge of the Vancouver rental market, the needs of owners, qualifying and managing tenants, knowledge of relevant legislation and accounting practices and how to apply them.
Summary or Home Owners on the services we provide:
Rental Assessment
Rent ready support
Marketing of the property
Tenant placement
Monthly management, inspections, tenant communications
Payments and disbursements
Reporting and Tax
Maintenance and repairs
Property upkeep such as cleaning and gardening

Contact us to see how we can help you: 604-349-4685.

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