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For Tenants

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For Tenants

Let us help you find your new rental home in Vancouver.

We help many types of tenants in a whole range of different situations. Perhaps you are moving here from overseas to live, work or study. Or, are you local and needing help to find your perfect new rental home?

Our fully licensed and experienced property managers are highly skilled at matching your needs, budgets, preferred locations and timelines to properties.

Additionally, we are knowledgeable in helping you understand the rental agreements and rental processes, to help you get pre-approved so that once the right property comes up you are ready to move quickly and secure your new home.

Our fully licensed property managers will have a detailed list of the properties to show you. The property details, features, and pictures will be sent to you, each property will have been viewed by a licensed property manager prior to your viewing. They will have matched your rental criteria to the property and owner criteria to ensure a perfect match and avoid any time wasting.

Diamond Doors provide monthly management services, however, we also provide tenant placement only services. This is where the owner or owners agent will be managing the property thereafter. On such properties, you will be given full information prior to viewing the property.

No fees are charged for tenant applications as per the Residential Tenancy Act and property finding services are free of charge for tenants.

We look forward to helping you find your perfect rental home.
Tenant application form: Please download and fill out the tenant application if you wish to rent a property from us or would like to apply for pre-approval in preparation of renting.

General Rental Inquiries

Tenancy Information

No charges are applied for tenant applications as per the Residential Tenancy Act clause 15.

Tenant Application: Tenants must compete the tenancy application as part of the approval process, this requires the tenant to provide several forms of identification and proof of ability to pay the rent. Excellent landlord references and tenancy history are required as well as credit checks with a score of at least 600. Tenants need to prove employment and salary or income that covers the rental rate.

Security Deposit: A security deposit of 1 months rent is generally required once a rental agreement has been agreed and the tenant application has been passed. This deposit is held either by Diamond Doors Real Estate Services Inc in a trust account, or the owner or owners agent until the end of the tenancy. Deposits are returned within 21 days of the tenancy agreement ending and the tenant moving out. Deductions may be applied as per the tenancy agreement or on written agreement by the tenant. Security deposits are not used as last months rent.

First Months Rent: Rent is paid in advance of the rental period or generally on the first day of the month of the rental period e.g. March 1st rent will secure rental for March. We have various methods for tenants to pay, speak to one of our licensed property managers to discuss which method suits you best. Options available are cheque, bankers draft, preauthorized payment. No cash is accepted. Receipts will be provided. Rent is considered late if funds are not received on the 1st of the month.

Students: Tenants who are students will be required to provide proof of the course and institution they are attending, guarantees must be provided by parents or a guardian and identification will be needed for both the tenant and the guarantor. Proof of funds is also required to cover the rental amount.

International applicants: Will also require a valid passport, work or student visa and be able to prove they can legally stay in Canada for the duration of the tenancy. A local guarantor may be required.

Pet Policy: Tenants with pets must complete the pet application, this requires a description of the pet breed, colour, sex, age and size etc, references on the pet from the previous landlords and for dogs a city licence are also required. Pet owners must abide by the city and property bylaws. Breaches of bylaws or noise or nuisance will incur fines. Some properties have pet restrictions this is the decision of the owner or may be a bylaw restriction for the building strata corporation. A deposit of 50% of the monthly rental rate.

Smoking Policy: No smoking in any of Diamond Doors rental properties, no exceptions, this is grounds for eviction.
Insurance: Proof of tenant insurance will be required at move-in.

Tenant Obligations Under the Residential Tenancy Act: Tenant must pay rent as agreed in the rental agreement, abide by the bylaws of the city and or strata, not conduct criminal activity and maintain rea-sonable health, cleanliness and sanitary standards throughout the rental unit and the other residential property to which the tenant has access. Fines may be applied by strata’s and owners for infractions of bylaws.

A tenant of a rental unit must repair damage to the rental unit or common area that is caused by the actions or neglect of the tenant or a person permitted on the residential property by the tenant.Tenancy Application Disclaimer: This application in no way forms a tenancy, it is an offer to rent, subject to the Landlords approval, based on the information supplied and other possible applicants and offers pending.

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