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Investors and Commercial Business Owners

For Investors & Commercial Business Owners

Over and above our normal property management plans, Diamond Doors can create a fully customised set of commercial services tailored to meet your every need. We can even offer a discount to investors with multiple properties.

Our commercial management services include but are not limited to:

Diamond Doors can set up any of the following to suit individual needs:

  • Janitorial services including window and parkade cleaning;
  • Landscaping and gardening;
  • Maintaining pool and/or water features;
  • Setting maintenance and inspection schedules, and any necessary service levels or performance criteria;
  • Addressing safety issues including equipment requirements and publications;
  • Creating  Systems and Procedures Manuals  and Safe Operating Procedures (SOP’s);
  • Managing on-site contractors including vetting, budgeting, getting quotes, contract negotiation and renegotiation, work completion, contractual or work changes and updates, discrepancies, hold-backs and closing contracts;
  • Tenant communications regarding contract work and property access; and
  • 24/7 emergency call out and access.

Daily and Monthly Management

Managing the repeat and/or occasional services in a building can be a tedious and time consuming business. Let us take the hassle out of the tedium and drudgery of managing these repetitive and time-consuming tasks for you! Our state-of-the-art management techniques and decades of experience delivers economy of scale and efficiencies that are simply not possible very an individual investor or business owner.

Procedures and Safety

Health and safety legislation, Workers Compensation Board, Safe Operating Procedures, and building security all require highly specialised, in-depth knowledge.  We will ensure that you’re compliant with all any relevant legislation or bylaws specific to your property and keeping in mind your budget and needs.

Reporting and Accounting

Accurate accounting and transparent reporting are crucial to good management. We can create and provide the financial reporting and accounting that is required to satisfy Strata councils, investors, JV partners, banks, or any other business entity.

Contracts and Service Agreements

We understand the importance of contracts and service agreements.  We can help you establish and monitor all aspects of any contracted work including budget, performance, reviews, and negotiations. With a proven team of reliable, bonded, and insured contractors at our disposal, you’ll have the peace of mind to know that you’re getting great service at a competitive price.

Maximising Profits

Ensuring maximum profits is a delicate balance between maximising rents and minimising building maintenance and upgrades. With more than a decade of experience in the Vancouver area market, we can help you determine when a long term investment is worth a well-chosen upgrade geared to attracting better tenants and generating higher rents or if it makes better financial sense minimise upgrades and maximise rents for the short term. Speak to one of our agents or brokers to help you formulate a plan that makes sense for you and your investment.

Our Expertise and knowledge

As a licensed brokerage with qualified property managers we have the expertise necessary to effectively manage and maintain all aspects of your property. With more than a decade of experience in the property management industry and a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the Vancouver area rental market, Diamond Doors understands how to match and manage the changing needs of owners and tenants with BC Tenancy Laws and legislation. Let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you.

Tenant Management

Successful property management requires effective tenant management. This starts with qualifying of tenants prior to approval, robust rental agreements that are well-understood prior to placement, and maintaining good tenant relationships once they are placed. Frequent, effective communication with tenants helps to eliminate problems before they arise and to minimise them when they do. Diamond Doors has a comprehensive knowledge of the local tenant marketplace and can keep you steer well-clear of any tenant related issues and problems.

Our tenant placement and management processes include:

  • Pre-qualified and screened tenants that include rigorous background checks;
  • A robust rental agreement that is far more comprehensive the basic BC Tenancy Act agreement;
  • A detailed explanation of the rental agreement requirements to tenants in advance of placement;
  • Move in services with photos and condition inspection reports;
  • Rent collection;
  • Remit net rent amounts directly to an owner’s account;

Communication and Accounting

Clear and regular communication regarding the property, tenant, and finances an integral part of our service. We understand the need for owners to be informed of every aspect of the marketing and rental processes. We also understand the importance of ready access to financial statements and reports, especially those required for insurance or tax purposes.  To meet the varying and complex needs of owners, we use systematic processes that ensure financial and managerial reports are communicated to investors and owners in a timely manner as a matter or routine.