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Property Management

How Can We Help You?

Diamond Doors provides a full range of services for you to pick and choose from.  We understand that maximizing the return on your investment and managing property assets are essential for success. With Diamond Doors, you decide what is right for your goals and budget.

Choose the Services You Need

If you are not on a monthly management plan, any of the services below can be provided at a flat fee or, as a stand-alone service:

  • Qualified long term tenants;
  • Rent ready support;
  • Marketing and advertising of the property;
  • Rent collection;
  • Remit net rent amounts to directly owner’s account;
  • Move-in move-out services with photos;
  • Monthly management, inspections, and tenant communications;
  • Reporting and tax NR4 out of country owners*;
  • Maintenance and repairs agreed in advance; and
  • Property upkeep such as cleaning and gardening.

* Please note that reports, accounting, and tax preparation are not available without the monthly management option.

Getting A Property Rent Ready

Making the property as desirable as possible is an important part of attracting the best tenants. Let our property experts assess the property and discuss any needed changes to maximize rental revenues. We can co-ordinate any minor or major repairs, upgrades, cleaning, and staging prior to photographing and finally showing the property.

We have a team of fully qualified, reputable, bonded and insured trades people at our disposal to assist in any way you see fit. Of course, you may choose to use and manage your own contractors and trades people. Our leasing agents are happy to discuss and advise which of our services are best suited to your needs.

Marketing the Property

Once a property is ready for showing, we take professional, high-quality photographs and write an advertisement that showcases and highlights the property. Once owner approved, the ad is posted to multiple rental and social media sites as well as our own website and network.

Additionally, we maintain a list of pre-qualified tenants, business clients, and corporate relocations. Working hard to maintain our in-house contacts helps us identify and place the highest calibre tenants for you.

Tenant Qualification

We specialize in finding the most desirable, ideal tenant. We rigorously review the tenant applications, pre-screen and pre-qualify before showing any property . If we believe a tenant is a good match for a particular property, we complete the rest of the qualifying checks before we discuss a possible tenant with an owner. An owner always has the final say on tenancy.

Tenant Placement

Once qualified, placement can begin. If required, an experienced, expert leasing  leasing agent can help you with your responsibilities as a landlord. Our goal is to always protect you and your property from the downside of renting. We do this in the following way:

  • Complete any required maintenance;
  • Complete any required cleaning;
  • Comprehensive move-in inspection including photographs and tenant walk-through;
  • Setting up payment methods including bill payments;
  • Collecting all keys, fobs, access codes and security information;
  • Property-specific rental contract and bylaws to be signed by owner and tenant;
  • Inventory check for furnished properties; and
  • Complete any required tenant insurance contracts or agreements.

The process we have developed helps setup a good working relationship with the tenant. We are careful to communicate the responsibilities and expectations set out in the rental contract and any municipal or strata bylaws. Once the tenant is moved in, the monthly management of the property is in your hands.

Monthly Management 

Our Monthly Management plans offer owners complete peace of mind. We do all the work – You receive one payments like clock-work once per month along with a regular statement and a comprehensive property update. This is a hassle-free, A-Z option: From getting the property rent ready, to tenant qualification and placement, to repairs and upgrades, to moving tenants move out.

Monthly Management is the preferred option for owners that have other business obligations, live too far away, or are just busy to effectively manage the property themselves. A percentage of the monthly rental income is used for the Monthly Management fee. For owners with multiple properties, volume discounts are available.


Periodic property checks are a great way to ensure the property is being cared for by the tenant. These checks are of course arranged in advance and can be coordinated with other requirements such as fire detector or heating appliance checks.

Our property managers use the initial inspection report, inventory checks, and photographs taken prior to the tenancy to compare to the current property condition. Periodic condition reports may an insurance requirement and we provide them as needed.

Diamond Doors has a comprehensive understanding of health and safety and tenancy legislation and we will advise you on issues that may arise. Similarly, we will advise you on any municipal and Strata bylaws that may impact tenancy.

Move-in Move-out and Form K

These forms are used when the tenant moves in or out of the property. Along with any photographs taken at the time, these documents establish the current condition of the property.

Statements and Reports

Each month we will provide a financial report itemizing payments and disbursements. We will provide reports for special projects and also when tenancy is coming to an end. Inspection reports will be sent to owners when they are completed and can also be forwarded to your insurance company if required.

For investors or properties with multiple owners, we can provide each owner with an electronic statement.

Accounting and tax preparation for NR6 and NR4 

Specific tax requirements apply for any out of province owners.  Diamond Doors can provide owners with the NR4 and NR6 tax documents for filing taxes.

Bill payments and other disbursements can also be arranged through Diamond Doors. We can make bill payments, including property taxes and utilities from the rental income. This can be a benefit for owners who are not local and when payments in other currencies incur exchange rate charges.

We strongly recommend owners acquire insurance coverage specifically written for rental properties.  We can refer you to specialist insurance company with policies tailored to suit furnished, unfurnished, long, or short term rentals.  This will cover legal bills and loss of rent which is not generally covered under standard landlord insurance.

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